Baseball Mom

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My 8 year olds is playing baseball this season.  I am so EXCITED!!

Excited to watch him play and cheer him on and all the other joys of being a baseball mom.

Little brother is excited too.  Oh how he wishes he could play.


And . . . I am getting excited about what styles this baseball mom is going to be sportin’ at the games! :)

Problem is – I don’t really have anything fun to wear to the games.  I saw a bracelet made from an old baseball here on another blog and decided to give it a try.

Kathryn has great step by step directions and pictures on her blog “I Can Find the Time”, so I am not going to go into a whole lot of detail today.

I do have a couple of comments:

  • I thought I was going to slice off my finger trying to cut the baseball strings from the baseball – so my husband helped.  Be careful!
  • There ends up being 4 strings to braid.  I looked up ‘how to braid with 4 strings’ and found a lot of good tutorials.  Just pick which one you like best.
  • I was really disappointed when my bracelet was all finished, because it still had this funny curve to it and it did not sit right on my wrist.  After messing with it, trying to straighten it out, it got a little better.  Just keep in mind that you do have to work with it to get it straight – at least I did.

Here is my finished product.

Baseball bracelet finished

I’m pretty proud of it and my son thinks he might want to wear one too.

Here is my baseball player up to bat.

Matthew Batting

So much FUN!!!

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

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I hate when I get the hiccups!  How do you get rid of hiccups?

Last night, it was time for my 1 year old to calm down and cuddle with me before bedtime.  Guess what?  I had the hiccups.  Which, by the way, is very distracting for a toddler who is trying to cuddle up and lay with his head on your chest.

My 8 year old went to the kitchen, came back and gave me a cup of water with a spoon and told me to drink.  I drank the water and my hiccups were gone.  Just like that!!

I have a really good friend that taught my son this trick a few years ago and it works every time.  And I’m not exaggerating.

Before we knew this trick, we had tried so many other things.  You know what I’m talking about – holding your breath, someone trying to scare the hiccups out of you, etc.

These are some of the ways you will find on the internet to get rid of hiccups:

  • Drink from the far side of the glass – stand up, bend over and put your mouth on the opposite side of the glass. As you bend, tilt the glass away from you and drink (um . . I have tried this and let’s just say it’s complicated and messy-maybe I’m not coordinated enough, but I pretty much missed my mouth trying this one out)
  • Place a couple of drops of vinegar in your mouth (gross-I can barley stand the smell)
  • Take a thin slice of lemon, place it on your tongue and suck it like a sweet (but it’s the opposite of sweet – pucker up)
  • Waiting – in the vast majority of cases, hiccups go away on their own. Some say that by simply waiting and not worrying about them, the problem is likely to resolve more quickly (waiting is not always a strong area for me)
  • Pull your tongue – hold the end of your tongue with your fingers and tug. This stimulates the vagus nerve and eases diaphragm spasms, which may sometimes stop hiccups (I’ll have my husband try this one out, just because it will be funny to watch :)

If you are going to try all this crazy stuff to get rid of hiccups, then you have to try this:

  1. Fill a cup a little more than half way full of water
  2. Place a spoon inside the cup, handle down
  3. Drink all the water in the cup (when you drink, the back of the spoon should touch your cheek)

Hiccup Pic

Voila!  Your hiccups should be gone!

Let me know if it works for you.