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sleep later

Mommy, Mommy! The sun is up, it’s time to get out of bed!

I wish my child would understand that just because the sun is up does not mean we have to get out of bed.  After a month of getting up with the sun (my husband and I are not morning people), I was determined to make my 2 year olds room darker and get him to sleep later.  Maybe if I tricked him into thinking it is still dark, he would let me sleep a little longer.

I went searching through the house to see if I could come up with a solution.  I found a couple of mismatched denim curtains and some unused shower hooks. Hmm . . this could work.

I took the denim curtains and cut a few little slits at the top.  I then slipped the shower hook through the slits I had made.

Cut Curtain






shower hook in curtain








I was then able to hang the denim behind Logan’s curtains.  I just used the shower hooks and hooked them on the rod behind his regular curtains.  Look you barely even see the denim curtain.


I have one side done.  You can tell how much light is being blocked now.  I’m excited!

Quick and easy!  And I was able to use some things that have been taking up space for a few years now (see honey, I knew I would need those one day).

Do you have any other solutions to help your child sleep later?